Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Horoscope of a lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday morning at times brings out hazy ideas. Something prompted me to look for horoscope of the day for the zodiac sign Cancer. This zodiac sign is my sign as I was born on first of July. Surfing through internet three interesting declarations for people having Crab as their birth sign were found on three different sites:

1. Consciously cultivate change. Over-eating is a strong probability! 

Amazing really how this snoopy fellow snooped about my plan for a Sunday special treat of butter chicken + beer. And what right has he to poke in to my butter chicken? Or the beer? On the other hand if I don't go for the chicken & the beer the retailers shall be having lesser income. No the economic cycle must go on. Let me enjoy my butter chicken with beer & let the retailers have their income & let them also enjoy life. These fortune tellers are no good & that's why I don't like these silly horoscopes! As for his advice on 'consciously cultivate change' I will take help of some guru in Himalayas.

2. When it comes to activities today, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach.

What does he mean by that? I have read it four times but this does not make any sense to me. The eyes of homo sapiens are always smaller than their stomachs. In fact I can't imagine anything that walks or crawls or flies or swims to have bigger eyes than their respective stomachs. This fellow must be out of his mind to conclude like that. It's no use reading such horrible horoscopes.

3. You might be more inclined to stay in close touch of your heart once you realize you don't have to reveal your secrets to anyone.

And what is this blah blah in horoscope for Sunday? There are some or the other secrets inside heart & inside mind 24 x 7. This is no secret & public at large knows it. There are some secrets not to be told to dear wife but can be told to dear friends. Some secrets can be shared with dear wife but not with dear friends. And there are some secrets you keep exclusively with yourself. These are to be written down & placed in locker with instructions to open them 30 years after Final Departure as per Official Secrets Acts.
These horoscopes are nothing but 'horror-scopes'!

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