Sunday, 13 August 2017

Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Bangaluru & nearby towns are situated on hilly plateau called Deccan Plateau. Average elevation of the Plateau is 3020 feet above mean sea level. Bangaluru has Arabian Sea on one side & Bay of Bengal on the other side both roughly 350 km away. Due to elevation & proximity to seas Deccan Plateau enjoys breezy & equable climate throughout the year. Temperature rarely goes below 12 or over 30 degrees. Several small & large hills dot the Plateau & Nandi Hills are one such example.

Nandi Hills - 4851 feet high, are located in Chikkaballarpur district approx 60 km from Bangaluru. It is 20 km off NH 7 near new Bangaluru airport.   These hills are source of rivers like Penner, Ponnaiyar, Palar & Arkavathy. Mornings are misty & cold here & you might need a jacket to ward off cold breeze. As you drive up there are a few sharp curves therefore cautious driving is suggested. Some photos:

Dense morning fog engulfs the hills
Morning mist begins to rise 

As you go up the mist thickens 

Entrance to  the Nandi Fort 

Road disappears in fog

Mystery morning mist 

Fog thickens as you go up 
Tail lights flicker in fog
On the top of the hill 

Morning mist all around

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