Sunday, 25 May 2014

New boss is coming

As the new PM joins office, comparisons with outgoing PM becomes inevitable. Besides both have contrasting styles & agendas & therefore the debate can be long & interesting. But hold it, I have worked with neither & am not for discussion on them here. All I know is that every time a new boss joins the office some changes occur. For good or otherwise.

That reminds me of our own Regional Office Jhumri Talliya  Every time a new boss joined working of office got derailed for a while & then got back on rails as per wishes of new boss.

Our boss had been transferred out & a new boss was to be welcomed in Jhumri Regional Office on Monday. He is coming from Head Office & none of us have had a glimpse of him earlier. Therefore office people are getting curious about the new boss. How does he look like? How does he work? And so on.

Confidential Report: You see the reputation of boss travels faster than he himself does. Officials contacted their friends in Head Office to know the CR of the new boss - his liking / disliking, his choice of colours & what not. Guptaji went to the extent of finding which flowers he liked. He was ready with appropriate bouquet for welcome.

The curiosity was put to rest when the new boss walked in to the regional office. He glanced over the staff before entering his cabin. After a while a short introductory meeting was hurriedly arranged. A standing ovation was given with thunderous clapping even from ladies. Ladies thought that new boss was safe to work with. After a week or so things started settling down.

Comparison: The comparison of new boss with old boss which is inevitable in such times, was also cooling down. People were getting to know his working style & were adjusting to it. This I presume, must be happening in your office as well. Let's have a look on changes.

Appearance: The new RM is 55+, short of hight, clean shaven, pot-bellied & having a few strands of hair standing up & dancing in the breeze of the wall fan. The office unanimously posted his nick name as The Baldy. This nomenclature as you would agree, is off the record but note that there is lot of love & affection in it.

See the earlier boss was younger, taller, thinner & hence the nick name was Jonny Walker as in old Bollywood films.

Should you decide to join as our RM, you  shall also be awarded a name which shall be equally befitting and full of love & affection. That's a promise.

Style: The Baldy differed with old boss Jonny Walker in many aspects. Whereas old boss was informal & a little less punctual to the advantage of the ladies. The Baldy is more formal & more punctual. So the citizens of Regional Kingdom got alerted & started coming in time.

With old boss Saturday was T-shirt-sports-shoes day whereas for The Baldy, office dress means full sleeves & corporate ties. Like it or not you got to follow the boss with full sleeves & official ties.

Communication: It turned out that conversation with The Baldy was easy & anyone of regional office could have a dialogue with him any time. Even crack a joke. This slowly led to team building with him as leader. Comparatively speaking the earlier boss - the younger Jonny Walker, was not so communicative & kept distance. May be we missed out some-things like cutting jokes with him.

Decisions: Jonny Walker had a quicker way of writing 'yes' or 'no' or even 'discuss' on files. And after writing yes or no or whatever he will close the file, pick up the file with both the hands & will throw in to Out basket as if he had fielded the ball & threw it to Wicket Keeper promptly.

Not so The Baldy. He would just sit on the files for days & was never in hurry to dispose off the matter. His 'In' tray always has healthy number of pending files. So dealing official had to push & prod the file through.

Conclusion: Whether incoming or outgoing, the boss is always right!

Masala King

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