Friday, 16 May 2014

Cactus flower blooms but for two hours

My neighbour Mr Garg who is a retired civil engineer, has lots of potted plants around his house. One of them is a round Cactus planted in a small earthen pot of the size of a tumbler. This plant is two years old & had never flowered.

One day he observed a tiny pink colour bud coming out. Within two days the pink bud came up on six inch stem. The stem was like a hollow pipe. On third day the white & pink flower bloomed. Only for two hours. During the third hour it started wilting & collapsed by the evening.

Life is short for sure.

Some photos:

Once-in-two-years wonder

Proud owner displays the flower on third day

It has beautiful soft white & pink petals 

In full bloom. Notice the hollow-pipe like green stem

In the third hour it started wilting & stem started tilting

It is down to almost half-mast in fourth hour 

By sixth hour petals had wilted & hollow stem had also collapsed.

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