Friday, 11 April 2014

Inauguration blues

There is a news in the newspaper today that Mandi House Metro station is ready but launch is postponed due to non availability of a neta for inauguration.

Fact of the matter is most of the netas are preoccupied with their horoscopes or sitting in poojas or consulting hand-readers, face-readers, fate-readers due to elections. Some of them have even obtained Kundalis of rivals to compare their fates as well.

Now this reminds me of a similar situation I faced when I was posted as branch manager in Jhumri Talliyya. The branch had installed a new ATM which was to be inaugurated by our Regional Manager popularly known in our friends' circle as The Baldy. He was nearing 58, short of height, with bulging beer belly & with no hair on his head which led to an affectionate nick name The Baldy.

Matter was discussed over a cup of tea. He desired that inauguration be kept for following Tuesday morning at 9.30. VIP account holders, traders around the branch, branch staff, government officials, police officials, journalists, local MLA & MP be also invited. High tea for VIPs shall be arranged in the manager's cabin menu of which was settled. Rest would be served under  tent properly decorated near the ATM.

He hinted that he always cut the red ribbons with silver scissors placed on a silver platter.

'Yes sir and the occasion demands an appropriate gift also sir' - I replied.

He smiled approvingly.  

On Saturday The Baldy informed that he had been called to Head Office & inauguration was to be postponed. After coming back from HO he fell ill & function was postponed again. After he resumed his duties his wife fell ill so he went on leave & function got postponed for the third time.

Meantime HO annoyed on delay, intervened. They ordered for quick action or else. Red ribbon was cut by the District Commissioner of Jhumri. Of course the silver scissors, silver platter & silver statue of Lord Ganesh went to District Commissioner.

After a couple of days The Baldy confronted me - 'Hmm, so you were in too much of hurry for inauguration. No?' 

'Not me sir. Guys at HO would not listen to me sir. The machine was already activated by them sir'

'But you listen to me now & get yourself activated. Where is my silver scissors, silver platter & silver Lord Ganesh?' 
Getting ready for inauguration

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