Thursday, 17 April 2014

Election times on dining table

On the eve of a holiday or weekend the dinner proceeds leisurely. In election season discussions get longer, there are different opinions & sometimes discussion ends abruptly.

Now that there was a weekend that's why there are 3 glasses of beer for male voters & 2 glasses of water for respected female voters. There is butter chicken for 4 voters & veg mutter paneer for 1 younger female voter. Male voters are the first to assemble on the table to say cheers with beers.

A female voice is heard coming from kitchen:

- Acche din aane wale hain aur beer bandh hone wali hai!

- No-no-no! No feku can bring prohibition here. Nothing like this is going to happen in the Capital. Otherwise will throw him out in next term.

- I say let's go with pappu then.

- No-no-no. Let's go with muffler-man instead. All of us do need a shot of cough syrup now & then. Don't we?

Then there was younger female voice:

- Acche din aane wale hain & chicken bandh hone wala hai!

- Oh come on. It's only a food item to be taken once or twice a week. That's about all.

- Yeah it is a cheaper source of energy. Malnutrition is a problem in India for which chicken & eggs are the answer. We need people built like Arjun & Bhim. Therefore ghar ghar mutton ghar ghar chicken.

- Nonsense. Say ghar ghar makkhan. You should start having veg dishes in place of chicken & juice of Lauki instead of beer.

- Lauki? Who wants Lauki?

- Well I wonder what these netas eat & drink.

- Simple. The muffler-men eat mangos, pappus eat toffees & chaiwalas eat rusk with tea.

- And in banana republic every neta eats bananas.
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