Saturday, 3 August 2013

Branch Manager has Toothache!

Job profile of a branch manager involves several features all of which are not listed in the rule book. In between customers, juniors & senior bosses there are moments of pleasure & pain for the BM. Boss is a pressure machine but once in a while the pressure rebounds back to him to the delight of all! This one is not meant for sharing with him!

Our branch is situated in South Ex commercial area & has staff strength of 20 people. This figure includes two officers & a manager Sharma in loans section as loan portfolio is heavy. Sharma is an efficient man & keeps the things up-to-date & in order.  But Sharma is heading for retirement this year & would be missed no doubt. Even our Zonal Manager feels good about his work. But you know boss is always a bit shy of saying so in writing.

Don’t you know him - our ZM? No? I shall introduce you to him. He is 58, short, with bulky beer-belly & with a few strands of hair trying in vain to cover his bald head. He has been affectionately nick named The Baldy. A jolly fellow with an inflated ego about himself.

The other day we met in a reception where he happily narrated that his son had completed his course abroad & is now a dentist. He has come back home & has set up clinic in South Ex area. One more imported costly machine is required by him.

-See if you can finance him, he said.

-Why not sir? It shall be my pleasure sir, I assured him.

Next morning papers were on my table & manager loans Sharma was glancing over them. I asked him to complete paper work & file visit report as well. Quickly. He understood.

But he didn’t turn up for next two days & was sick. It was annoying & it was un-Sharma like. On third day he turned up though not looking cheerful. May be it was his blood pressure.

-What was it Sharma? You had such important & sensitive papers with you. I need not remind you.

-That’s why I have come. That’s why I was sick.


-I had gone to his clinic two days back & casually mentioned about my shaky tooth. I will never recommend this proposal in my life. This blo... fool of a dentist took out my healthy tooth instead of shaky-one.

Well I wished to consult my horoscope.

What is in store for me?

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