Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 30: Pataleshwar Temple, Pune

Pataleshwar cave temple is situated on Jangli Maharaj Road. The city of Pune has expanded & now the temple is within it. The temple also called Panchaleshwar, is a rock-cut temple believed to have been carved out of a single basalt rock in 8th century during Rashtrakuta period. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

The sanctum has a large linga & in front of this cave is Nandi Mandapa. The Mandapa has a heavy stone ceiling-Chhatri supported by massive square pillars. Same type of square pillars are there in the corridor also. It reminds one of Ellora caves. The temple seems to have been left incomplete may be because of political situation at that time or may be the quality of rock not being found good for sculpting. Temple is still in use though & the linga is annointed usually with ghee & yogurt. Some photos: 

Entrance to the Pataleshwar Temple

Protected monument. Steps leading down towards Temple 

Nandi Mandapa. Giant pillars support thick stone ceiling or Chhatri

Another view of of Chhatri

Nandi facing the sanctum

On both sides of sanctum are caves which seem to have been left unfinished

Columns in corridor

View from the top of rock

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