Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Long drive to Delhi -16 : Coastline Calicut

After darshan at Guruvayoor temple we were at National Highway 17 again heading northwards & hit Calicut(or Kozhikode). Locally they pronounce 'zh' as 'ya' & therefore it is Koyikode. Arabs called it Qaliqut, in Tamil it is Kallikottai & in Chinese it was Kalifo.

Calicut is roughly 400 km north of Trivandrum & has a 15 km long shoreline. Its hight is 1mtr above mean sea level & up to 15 mtr on eastern side. To its west is Lakshdeep sea & to its east is Sahyadri range of mountains. Temperature ranges from 22 to 34 degrees annually & annual rainfall is over 3200 mm.

Since ancient times it has been a trading centre of spices. Arabs were trading here in seventh century in spices & calico textiles. At that time Samoothiris were ruling here. Portuguese came in 1498, English followed in 1615, French arrived in 1698 & Dutch landed in 1752. In 1765 Tipu Sultan of Mysore captured Kozhikode. Eventually British out-manoeuvred them all in colonising & looting wealth of India. Some photos:

Shoreline in Calicut

Calicut has a long shoreline of 15 km

Kuttiadi River Bridge - such narrow old bridges dot Kerala landscape

Greenery everywhere - view of Calicut river

Rainy day & narrow roads
Much needed road widening in progress 

Kappad Beach

Sun, sand & sea - Kappakadvu Beach

Long shoreline has been well developed
Gama Memorial - Vasco da Gama landed here on 20 May 1498. My first reaction was that memorial is too small for a great voyager Gama. But reading about their expeditions it is revealed that they were armed traders, slave merchants & cruel executioners of whosoever opposed them. 

Enjoying the sea breeze

In Art & Crafts Village in Irringl situated 6 km off the NH 17

Imposing entrance to the Art & Crafts Village. Beautifully laid out with restaurant, parking & boating facilities . Artisans, carpenters & handicrafts makers can be seen working there. Lots of decorative items are on sale

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