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Long drive to Delhi - 15 : Guruvayoor, Kerala

From Thrissur we proceeded to Guruvayoor covering a distance of around 35 km.

Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, an avtar of Lord Vishnu. Main icon or the Guruvayoorappan is a four armed Lord Krishna carrying conch, Sudershan Chakra, mace & a lotus. It is also referred to as holy abode of Lord Vishnu 'Bhuloka Vaikunta' or Dwarka of South India.

Strict routine of worship is followed here which had been laid down by Adi Shankara. No mobiles cameras, pants & shirts. Only mundu or lungi is permitted for men. Non Hindus are not permitted inside the sanctum.

One of the stories related to Guruvayoor is said to be mentioned in Narad Purana. King Janmejaya(who was s/o King Parikshit who was son of Abhimanyu who was son of Arjun) was suffering from leprosy. King Janmejaya was advised by rishi Dattatreya to offer pooja at Guruvayoor. The King recovered fully after ten months of worship.

Another legend goes like this. While Brahma was creating the universe, Lord Vishnu made a statue of himself & gave it to Brahma for salvation. It was passed on to devotees of Vishnu King Sutpass & his queen Prasni with a boon that they shall have sons as avtars in different Yugas. So the statue passed on as under
- to Prasnigarbha who was born to King Sutpass & Prasani,
- to Vamana who was born to Kashyapa & Aditi,
- to Rama who was born to Dashratha & Kaushalya &
- to Krishna who was born to Vasudeva & Devki.
Lord Krishna while leaving for heavens told Uddhav that after Him Dwarka will be submerged & that the statue must be preserved & handed over to Guru Brihaspati. Eventually Guru with the help of Vayu selected a place near sea, having a forest, a lake with lotuses, birds & animals.  The statue was installed & consecrated here. Hence the name of the place is Guruvayoor & name of the idol is Guruvayoorappan.

Temple town has a municipal office
Garuda welcomes the devotee
Long Q for darshan 

Pathway leading to the Temple
Front view
Stay blessed
Stay blessed

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