Saturday, 19 July 2014

Aliens please take my boss away

Ancient rock paintings have been discovered in Kanker district of Chattisgarh by a team of archaeologists. Newspaper reports say that paintings show dwarf human figures with large head gears.

Interesting news I say.

It is reported that that locals narrate stories about "rohela people" descending from skies in round flying objects & taking away one or two villagers who never returned.

Now this is more interesting than the first part about rock paintings.

In fact I would like to visit the place to get first hand report & to see if aliens have left any visiting card, mobile number or email address. After all these aliens must have been intelligent chaps roaming freely all over the planets in round shiny objects. They must have left a note or invitation card hidden behind the rocks inviting earthlings to visit their place.

But in our Regional Office if you have to go even to Jhumri Talliyya you have to take permission of Regional Manager. Then again TA bill for the journey has to be submitted in duplicate & you keep your fingers crossed till it is passed by the boss fully or partially. In case of partial payment one gets boiled up & mutters 'boss u r nuts'. That's is why bosses are never liked.

But let me introduce my Regional Manager first. He is 55-ish. round faced & clean shaven. He has a round protruding beer belly. Due to excessive use of his brain cells, he has lost his hair. Only a few strands are seen standing on his bald head. He has been unanimously nick named as The Baldy by our office crowd. But mind it, this is solely on account of love & affection for him & must be taken only in that spirit.

The Baldy has a nasty habit of cutting your bills relating to travel on duty or medical expenses or even annual bonus. Everybody hates The Baldy for such cuts. That's why I am keen to go to rock gardens of Baster district & look for contact numbers of aliens. This might help me in getting my wish fulfilled.

My (unholy) wish is that The Baldy must be sent with aliens to a different planet so that our expenditure bills are passed in full.
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