Saturday, 24 August 2013

Senior Citizens are VIPs!

तुम काम करते हो, मैं आराम करता हूँ !
तुम अपना काम करते हो, मैं अपना काम करता हूँ !!

That's the definition of life these days of a Senior Citizen like me given by some learned unknown philosopher! But internet & a laptop come in handy to 'time pass'. During such a surfing time pass I came across an article in saying that Senior Citizens may become Very Important Problems! This led me to profile of the writer. Lo & behold writer is Ashok Goel a retired Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank like me!

Ashok Goel has started WebQuestionAnswers & has been continuously writing articles in it.  Through facebook I contacted him & had a long talk.In fact he is planning to launch a 'global question answer' website which is under construction & is likely to be launched in the new year i.e. 2014. It shall be on WordPress platform on no-profit-no-loss basis. One can become member of the set up for raising & replying to questions posted on this site in one's area of expertise.

I have happily consented to be a member of this website. I like to blog & for last two years have been doing so & but now a days receiving technical guidance from Ashok Goel. Several experts are also being roped in to cover variety of topics ranging from banking, health, social networks, travel to legal matters & so on & so forth. Advertising revenue that shall accrue is proposed to be shared with members according to their contributions on this web site. An easy to follow & share platform shall be made available to members.

Wish him luck and join him because it is social payback time Banker - cum -Senior folks!

Send in your consents on this address.
The road ahead is clear!

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