Wednesday, 17 July 2013

On Bangalore - Mysore Road, SH-17

Mysore is 150 kms southwest of Bangalore. Road connecting the two places is a good four lane road and coconut trees, lush green fields & hills on either side  make it a lovely drive. Eateries & resorts line up the road. Spoilers are large hoardings on either side of the road. And to keep you safe they decided to put speed breakers after every few kilometers  If it is not a speed breaker it is a cut for u-turn, or a barricade or a red light or a bullock cart. And they have ‘designer breakers’ -a large hump, or set of two small-humps or a set of five / seven smaller humps! So take it easy with accelerator.

Train connection is also available.

We were surprised when a train had overtaken us from the left!

The train was chased for a few kilometers after which it disappeared beyond hills! Following video records that.

Horse power & bullock power on Highway!

Some celebration 

This is College of Folklore. It is adjacent to famous restaurant Kamat in the village Kamat. Following video shows an item being practiced by students.  


Fellow on the electric pole! 
Bullock power on your right. Right is wrong & left is right!

Keep watching left-right, front-back and up-down too!
Is he looking for a catch of helicopter shot up there?

Traffic jam also creates opportunities. He knocks on cars  & seeks donation.

Cut-outs of film heroes are very popular all over South India

Three is a crowd!

Lovely sight on SH-17

Destination is very near

Finally at the gate of Mysore Palace!
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