Thursday, 22 November 2012

Average of 800 cc & 3800 cc

As per news item in ET, Porsche sold a record 117 cars in India in the month of Oct. Now as the records go this one seems pretty ordinary to me. This figure of 117 is achieved by any maruti dealer of New Delhi any day.

But wait - there is a price tag- Carrera Coupe is priced at Rs 1.14cr, Carrera S Coupe is priced at Rs 1.33cr & another new model Boxter S is priced at Rs 0.82cr ex-showroom New Delhi.

Now have a look at the value of my 4-wheel possession- all of 0.01cr never mind the depreciation! So in place of a single Porsche, 30-40 numbers of 800cc's can be had. How’s that?  

My 800cc can carry 5 healthy adults with 2 smiling kids & assorted luggage. FM radio keeps all passengers in mood & with little a/c it is paisa vasool. Everyone sitting by the window is ready to help driver while backing, turning, parking & even jumping the red light- ‘le lo le lo, police wala nai hai!’ They are ready to fight it out in case of need with any tom, dick or harry. Kids keep you posted with description of passing trees, monuments, shops, trucks or simply keep shouting ‘aur tez, aur tez!’ That gives you warm homely feeling-no? Compare this with Porsche zipping furiously without roof on your head– no way.

You can have a few slogans on the back wind screen of 800cc as well. Like if your kids have nick names Santa & Banta then you can very well paint ‘Santa te Banta di gaddi’. Perfect. You may also write ‘God Gift’ if you so wish. Now this facility is not available in Porsche Coupe as there is no wind screen on the back! What a pity no space for writing slogans!

Now there are 3 cylinders in my vehicle but Porsche boasts of 6. What is the use as there is no corresponding increase in seats? It has 3800cc as compared to 800cc this side. What is the use as there is no corresponding increase in seats?

Porsche boasts of acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour speed in 4.3 seconds. Of what use is this in Tilak Nagar, Janak Puri & Jagriti Vihar or even in New Delhi? That’s not the way to drive in any case. You start the vehicle & wave to your Begum, to kids & grand children then engage the gear. On your way you may like to nod or waive to friends, or use mobile or enjoy a scene or two. Once in a while you may give lift to the lady standing on the bus stand. But if you whoosh past there is nothing to see only black road ahead.

Parking of 800cc takes seconds & such a tiny space. In fact you can bring it in the drawing room! Not so with 3800cc you got to create space for it.

But all comparisons fail when you ask: ‘Average kya deti hai?’

Keep Driving!

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