Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Out of Communication

Communicating with God

The I&B Ministry is considering steps to make India a major centre for digital communication. –Eco Times.

In good old days drums, bells, trumpets etc were the means of communications. Times have ch
anged & new gizmos have been appearing every other day.

Communications are important in all walks of life. Between individuals, between leaders & public, even in between relatives - be it in-laws or out-laws, between Chairman of the promotion committee & the candidate. For example take the following dialogue-

Chairman: How far you are loyal & accountable to the Bank?
Yours Truly: 100% Sir
Chairman: How do you say that?
Yours Truly: In all the letters issued to me so far, I have been held fully accountable!

Mark my words candidates - you need to carefully weigh the words. Not communicating properly means trouble.

Sonia talked to ManMohan in proper words. ManMohan could not communicate in proper words to Mamata & the result was disaster! Very foundation of coalition was shaken!

Our Zonal Manager The Baldy has excellent communication skills which are evident in our meetings. He always says that listening to him while keeping quiet is good communication. No dialogue is needed. Only one way communication.

Now spoken communication is two-way street- Listening & Speaking. My better-half occupies one-way street of speaking & Yours Truly is always on other street of listening. Underneath this policy lies a small story. Once she asked me to bring 1000 gms of onions & 100 gms of garlic while coming back from office. And while coming back from office I deliberated on the order, weighed the options, got confused on the communication & inadvertently brought home 100 gms of onions & 1000 gms of garlic. Well you are right as since then I travel on Listening Street!

Forget all this. Let’s sit down & have cordial communication over cool glass of beer!
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