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Visit to Diu

Diu is a tiny island district near port town of Veraval in Gujrat. Coastal length of Diu is 21 kms & is surrounded by Arabian Sea on three sides. In north it touches Junagarh & Amreli districts of Gujrat.

It is part of union territory of Daman & Diu though they are separated by nearly 700 kms. The island is at sea level & is spread over 40 sq kms. The climate is warm & humid throughout the year. Average rainfall is 60 cms. November to March is bit more comfortable. Hotels & all types of foods are available. 

Diu is approx 90 kms from Veraval, 500 kms from Ahmedabad & 980 kms from Mumbai. It is connected by air, rail (upto Veraval) & roads.

Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli were part of Portugese India for 450 years till 19 Dec 1961 when they were incorporated in India by military conquest named Operation Vijay. There were interesting international observations on this ‘annexation’:
-Portugal termed it as an aggression on their national soil.
-US President Kennedy told Indian ambassador "You spend last fifteen years preaching morality to us...People are saying, the preacher has been caught coming out of brothel!"
-USSR vetoed a UN security council resolution condemning Indian invasion of Goa.
-Khrushchev telegraphed Nehru stating "universal acclaim" from every Soviet citizen for friendly India.
-China neither condemned nor applauded invasion.

Portuguese & Creole languages are still understood by the elderly though it is not taught in schools any more. In 1987 Goa was made a state & Daman & Diu formed into UT. Being UT here you can enjoy beer & liquor unlike neighbouring dry Gujrat!

Welcome to Diu
On borders with Gujrat you find crowded Bars. Travelling by roads is better in Gujrat with highway signages in place & friendly people to guide you just in case.

Sea winds laden with moisture & salt blow throughout the year. First look at the entry gate & the sea waves nearby gave a beautiful impression.

Arabian Sea - Diu
Though a small island spread over an area of approx 40 sq kms it is rich in history. There is a belief that Pandvas spent some time here while in exile in Mani Nagar in Diu which was ruled by Yadavas led by Krishna Vasudeva.

Another mythological ruler was Jallandhar who was a daitya & killed by Sudershan Chakra of Lord Vishnu. There is a temple in the name of Jallandhar & a Chakra Tirth is also situated there.

Diu was ruled by Maurayas during 300 BC when Diu was a trading centre & subsequently by Kshatraps, Guptas, Maitrakas, Chavdas & Chalukyas.

In 1020 AD Mahmud Ghazani attacked & looted but in 1064 AD Chalukyas recaptured it. Subsequently Chavda & Vaghela rajputs ruled. In 1297 Alludin Khilji, Sultan of Delhi dislodged them.

In 1518 Portugese attacked Diu for the first time & continued to do so till 1534 because of strategic importance of Diu as a trading center to get a toehold.

In 1535 Humanyu attacked local ruler Muzaffar Shah who entered into treaty with Portugese & allowed them to construct a fort. In 1546 Diu was finally taken over by Portuguese.

On the Diu Fort Wall

Enter the Fort
Diu Fort- Gun & Gunner
Guns & Gunner
Drive along the sea to Diu
Hotel room with a view
High Tide allows boats to come into the Fort through this channel

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