Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Transfer as Punishment


I learnt the story of Najaf Garh when i got posted there. During the reign of last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar two brothers had served him as his subedars. One of them was Najaf Khan & the other Bahadar Khan & they were awarded villages now known as Najaf Garh & Bahadar Garh respectively. Both had their forts constructed which have now disappeared by ever increasing pressure of population. Another landmark of Najaf Garh is Viru the cricketer. Interestingly a very small portion of the population here is known as moole jaat. They have names such as Sultan Singh, Meharban Singh, Malkhan Singh etc. A unique combination this!

Like the two brothers Najaf & Bahadar, there are two Asstt' s here in this office. One is an old man about to retire shortly & the other is a young man who has joined the bank recently. But similarity ends here. Najaf & Bahadar fought for the  Emperor but here the two Asstt's fight with each other. This fact had been reported to higher authorities & Netaji of union & both are well aware. Both the higher authority & Netaji also try to push each other to a corner some times. You see in the history of last 5000 years of humanity only 500 years are reported to be peaceful. Rest of the times man fought man. So did all these characters listed above.

On Monday at about  4 o'clock Asstt-1 threw keys of the office at the table of Asstt-2 & curtly announced that he had urgent work & had to go. Asstt-2 frowned & declined to comply, picked up the keys & threw back the keys which fell on the floor. Asstt-1 picked up keys from the floor, threw back & the keys banged the nose of Asstt-2. Now Asstt-2 red faced with rage,  picked up the keys & threw them towards Asstt-1 & the keys banged on the spects. The keys & the spects & the Asstt-1 all fell down on the ground. Now was the turn of final physical  round between King Kong & Dara Singh so to say. Commotion & shouts & claps & laughter all went up in one go. Staff & a few customers keenly watched the circus. Landlord of the office, who always was on good terms with higher authorities by supplying agri produce from his farm, discreetly informed the higher authorities. As luck would have it Yours Truly was sitting with the higher authorities at that moment away from the branch. Instructions were issued there & then to Yours Truly to rush back to the branch & ascertain full facts & submit report. 
Next day Yours Truly presented the report & informed the higher authorities that both the Asstt ' s have tarnished the image of the bank & vitiated the atmosphere of the branch. Complete let down in the public. Higher authorities wanted to know views & recommendations about further steps. Yours Truly bluntly informed that both  Asstt' s be transferred. Now the higher authorities wanted that i say the same thing with same force in presence of Netaji who was to be called in the cabin. Another half an hour discussion took place over a cup of tea wherein Yours Truly held fast that both the Asstt' s be removed from the branch notwithstanding the stare of the Netaji. The meeting remained indecisive but ended with thanks to the chair.

As per fax message received just now,  Yours Truly stands transferred to Conn Place office with immediate effect. Come will have a talk in Coffee House.

See you after transfer

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