Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Shivasamudram, Karnataka

Bangalore & nearby towns of Karnataka are situated on Deccan Plateau having average elevation of 3020 feet above sea level.  Due to this elevation Bangalore enjoys breezy & equable climate all through the year. Temperature rarely goes below 12 or over 30 Celsius. Rains normally occur during the evenings here. Because of several small & large hills, monsoon rivers & lakes dot the plateau to the delight of tourists. Shivasamudram Falls is one such example near Bangalore:

Water falling down 380 feet
Shivasamudram is a small island town on the river banks of Kaveri in Mandya district of Karnataka. It is also known as Bluff or Simsha. It is 130 km from Bangalore & 75 km from Mysore. Road connecting Bangalore - NH 209 is two laned & with fairly heavy traffic in weekends. Bridges in Shivasamundram area are also narrow & the road snakes its way up through populated villages having temples & dargaah. Careful & patient driving is required. Good place for a family outing for a day but better take your own food basket along

Kaveri river meanders its way through rocks of Decaan Plateau & splits in two channels before the town & goes down 380 feet in fragmented Falls. It is perennial fall but best view of roaring & abundant water flow is seen in monsoon season.

The western channel falls on left side & is called Gaganachukki & eastern channel falls on right side & is called Bharachukki. They are separated by a few kilometres. If you are short of time opt for Bharachukki where the falls are majestic in natural surroundings. Fall of water generates mist which makes the entire scene more beautiful.

This place also boasts of first hydro electric power station in Asia which was set up in 1902. It was commissioned by Diwan of Mysore, Sir K Seshadri Iyer. Kolar Gold Fields was the first town in Asia to get hydro electricity. It is still functional.

One with nature

A visitor

Another panoramic view


View from afar

One of the temples on the way

One of the houses on the way

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