Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Leaking documents

Earlier in good old days one had heard of leaking taps or leaking ink pens but now it is the turn of documents -  they have also started leaking!

Newspapers are full of reports about documents being leaked from Petroleum Ministry after office hours. A number of spies entered on one pretext or the other, gathered important papers, copied them & disappeared. But considering overall operations & the fact that a number of them have been caught, I for one did not enjoy this episode. It was not sexy enough. There were no female spies, there was no cash or gold taken out, no lockers were broken but only papers stolen. Only after a couple of arrests, one arrested fellow has shouted that it is a Rs. 10000 cr scam. By saying so he has put some spice in to otherwise dull proceedings.

But this has caused serious tension to me. What if my confidential document leaked? That would have terrible consequences indeed. Let me share about this document in strict confidence. This document is named BFD that is Beer Fixed Deposit. It works like this:

BFD in bank for Rs. 100000.00 bearing interest at  10.75% per annum including higher rate for being a Senior Citizen (0.50 %) and a retired banker ( 1.00 %):
TDS: @10%
Interest per annum: 10750 - 1075 = 9675
Interest per month: 9675 / 12 = 806.25
Average cost of beer + Chakhna: 100
Beers available comfortably for cool 4 weekends per month: 8

That's it. Now if my BFD gets leaked I am done.

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