Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 37: On lonely roads in Dang, Gujrat - iii of iii

From Nashik we proceeded towards Surat passing through Dang district. The landscape & green forests of Dang were a pleasant surprise.

Dang is least populated district of Gujrat. It is spread over 1764 sq km & has a population of 2.30 lacs majority being Adivasis. It is located in Sahyadri mountain range & has large portion under dense green jungle. Climate is cool & breezy throughout the year. It is 150 km from Surat & 250 km from Mumbai.

Dang is also known as The Dangs as various places in the district are named with prefix Dang. For example Dang Pimpri, Dang Amla, Dang Wasurna & so on. It is one of the most backward district of India but historical one. Dandak or Dandkaranya or Dakaranya finds mention in Ramayana. Pandavas are also believed to have stayed here. Some photos:

Rest a while at a bus stop 

A little exchange of news & views

Green highway
Unspoilt nature

Quite flows the Ambika
Lush green everywhere

There were several small check dams on the river Ambika

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