Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 17 : Thalassery Fort, Kannur, Kerala

While moving on NH 17 towards Kannur we decided to have a look on the Thalassery(or Tellicherry) Fort.

The Fort was built in 1708 by British East India Company to keep an eye on intruders from Arabian Sea & to establish themselves on Malabar Coast against other Europeans & Arab traders. It is not very big but well built squarish fort with massive walls & secret tunnels to the sea. Presently this monument is managed by ASI.

Thalassery town was once called Paris of Kerala by Europeans as Portuguese, Dutch, French & British were stationed in nearby areas for trading in & exporting spices. Some photos:

Welcome to the Fort

Fort walls are well built
Inside the Fort

Sea & the church. Barred gate on the right covers the entry of the passage to the sea

As the Fort grew in importance lighthouse was added

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