Saturday, 4 October 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 4 - Madurai

We left Yercaud for Madurai via Salem, Namakkal & Dindigul taking NH-7. It was a smooth & comfortable ride.

We stayed with my nephew Rajesh Dhanda in Madurai. He is a bachelor & had three more bachelor friends Nitin Rawat, Ajay Sharma & Sandeep Khatri putting up with him. On arrival none of them was home & Rajesh informed on phone that key to the house was kept in a white shoe amongst lots of other footwear lying just outside of drawing room!

Landlady was aware of our visit & suggested economical use of water which we complied. We were allotted the drawing room & had lively discussions with youngsters & had good time with them.

Enjoying rent free accommodation

Madurai is said to be 2500 year old city & finds mention in works of Roman / Greek historians. City is also mentioned by Kautilya in Arthashastra.

Ancient Madurai town was built in a systematic manner round Meenakshi Temple. The Temple is dedicated to Parvati or Meenkshi & Shiva as Sundereshwara.
(Separate photo blog of Temple & Nayaka Palace shall be posted shortly).

Of course the kings did not know about motorbikes & Marutis jamming the roads of the planned town.

City weather is generally hot & dry for 8-9 months & temperature ranges from 22 to 40. Nights are cool though.
Madurai has medical, law & agricultural colleges & has a bench of Chennai High Court as well. It is well connected by road, rail & air.
Some photos:

On NH 7 - Dark monsoon clouds hovered above our heads

On NH 7 - Raining on the hills. We had intermittent showers on the way

Madurai has several attractions

Madurai has shortage of water. All through the day one can see such scenes

Essential activity here

Madurai is situated on river Vaigai. Due to scanty rains for last couple of years it has been reduced to a sorry trickle.

Entrance to Thirumalai Naick Palace

A glimpse of inside of Palace constructed in 1636 by Thirumalai Naykar. Now a national monument 

Famous landmark of Madurai - 170 ft high South Tower of Meenakshi Amman Temple 

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