Thursday, 28 August 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 1

Bangalore was established by Hiriya Kempe Gowda in the year 1537. Since then Bangalore has patented its beautiful weather & non-stop cool breeze. IT people re-discovered the place in 1970 & have made it a metropolis having a population of over a crore ( in fact IBM was here in 1966 ).

While visiting my son Mukul & daughter in law Sippy in Bangaluru discussion veered around to various places of interest like Rameshwaram, Kanykumari, Munnar etc. Sippy was ready to loan her car for this tour. 
- What if we explore more say neighbouring Goa & Maharashtra? 
- Keep exploring till you reach Delhi !

That settled it. Bangalore to Delhi via Kanyakumari in Maruti Alto 800 - wot an idea sirji !
Broad parameters of the journey were settled:

Driver - Harsh Wardhan Jog

Navigator - Gayatri Wardhan with the help of maps & GPS in mobiles. Of course desi method of enquiring from passers by, rickshaw wallas & auto wallas is always there. ओए पुछदा पुछदा ते बंदा काबल कंधार वी पौंच जांदाए !

Route - Nothing fixed. We take main roads & highways from Kanyakumari towards Delhi. In between places of interest shall be explored. Option to short circuit or to a longer route is always open. In any case a tentative route has been decided.

Long journey to Delhi - that's the likely route to be taken from Bangaluru to Delhi

Time Schedule - Nothing fixed. We stay in major / minor towns for a day or two or more if we feel like it or weather God asks us to. Driving hours 6 AM to 4 PM or a max distance of 300 km per day. शाम को छोटा लगाना है या नहीं ?

Luggage - At minimum level. Essentials - Tooth paste & brush to freshen up, Yoga mats for morning Yoga to ward off fatigue & hair dye to look younger!

Budget - Babe di full kirpa!

ETD - Expected time of departure from Bangaluru is first week of Sept 14.

Suggestions from friends & well wishers are welcome. Those on size of car shall be summarily rejected as that is the only choice available at the moment.
Friends max two in numbers with driving license are welcome to join for part journey. For full journey please bring your own Buggy else it may become a madhouse! 

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