Monday, 13 May 2013


Chief saab of Jhumri Talliyya branch was a bit happy as business targets were nearly achieved & a bit worried as interest application on saving accounts was still pending. It was to be applied manually in good old times. For this negotiation had to be done with union representative Com Loudspeaker Singh. He was missing for last couple of days. Management had authorised ten hours of pay per employee as overtime.

Very thought of negotiation with Com Loudspeaker Singh gave him headache. He was wondering why top brass did this every half year & why the hell they could not stop this process of negotiation. Why don’t they come to branches, experience this first hand & make a permanent policy? Stupid management & their stupid policies.

Look at this Com Loudspeaker Singh nothing but blah blah & bak-bak. He would now be demanding a few transfers, or changes in duty sheet or permission for a lady or two to leave early as a bargain. ‘I would start with 2 hours’ he thought. Stupid union.

Com Loudspeaker Singh inserted another paan in his mouth & wished that train move faster to reach Jhumri quickly. He had been on leave & was going back to branch. He was thinking how to negotiate more & more hours of pay from khadoos Chief. This Chief was clever & created headache during negotiations. I will ask for 25 hours of pay this time. One has to do this twice in a year. Stupid management can’t make a stupid policy for this.

And look at the stupid members of this union. Some one will ask for a transfer, some others want change of duty sheet & ladies – uff would like to have a half-day every day! Stupid ladies.

Over tea, biscuits, cashew nuts & samosa began negotiations as if Indo- China border was to be settled.

-Only two hours.                                                              

-No sir 25. And 5 transfers. 4 changes in duty sheet.

Outside the cabin running commentary in whispers was on.
(‘Samose udao samose!’)

-4 hours. 1 transfer. 2 changes in duty sheet.

-20 sir.
(‘Wah eating cashew nuts!’ ‘Baahar bhi bhej do’ ‘Yehi kaam reh gaya hai in logo ka’)
-6 hours.

-16 sir. Please.
(‘Hot exchange is going on’, ‘no no hot & cold exchange’ ‘Muskara rahe hain’, ‘mile hue hain’)

-8 hours.

-12 & small changes here & there.
(‘kuch kuch ho raha hai lagta hai’ ‘wait’ ‘tel dekho aur tel ki dhar dekho’ ‘on your seats please’)
-10 hours. 1 transfer & 2 changes.

-Okay sir ok. Half-day leave for ladies on karwa chouth jaroori hai sir please please.
Meeting of union was hurriedly organised where Com Loudspeaker Singh announced:

-After prolonged, heated, complex, tough & mind blowing negotiations with management we have been able to get 10 hours!
(Cheers & clapping, ‘kitne samose khae?’).

‘This victory is not mine but that of members & their unity.
(Workers unity Zindabad)

If we stand united we win. Keep your powder dry for next fight which is only 6 
months away. Don’t believe on rumours. Don’t pay attention to rumour mongers.
(Chamcho ka naash ho).

‘We always keep ladies comrades in our mind in this struggle.
(Maje le raha hai)

Another khushkhabri is that the ladies shall enjoy half-day on karwa chouth.
(smiles & clapping by ladies).

‘Those who applied for transfer or change in duty sheet shall come to me after office hours. We shall have one to one discussions. Now go & finish interest posting by tomorrow.

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