Friday, 10 May 2013

Breakfast is ready

-What would you like for breakfast?
-What anything?
-Your choice.
-I am asking YOUR choice.
-Okay dear. Whatever is ready, I will take.
-What is this? What do you mean? And throw this newspaper away. At least once in a while you should be serious about breakfast. But no. Whatever is dumped in plate you gobble down?
-No no no. No complaints yaar.

-What complaint? I have complaint not you. Have you ever appreciated? Do you realize how much time & energy is required? Not a word of appreciation from your lips!
-No no no yaar absolutely not.
-Yes I have complaint - not you.
-No no no. I do appreciate your cooking I do.
- When did you appreciate, tell me? Tell me about last time you appreciated – how many years back?
-No no no! I do appreciate.
-When? Newspaper is more important to you than breakfast. Better eat that.
- No no no. See if omelette is tasty I take another. See that is the appreciation of your skills & it is more important than words.
-Quiet! Today is Sunday. I will read newspaper & you bring me breakfast.
-Get up & start.
-Hmm. What shall I cook for you?
-You decide.
-Tell me tell me. Butter toast & tea?
-Omelette slice & tea?
-Okay then let me try.
-Try what?
-Chhole Bhature!
-Oh no!
-Oh yes!
-OMG, you will spoil my kitchen & stomach also. Get lost. I will have to do it myself. OMG!

I resumed my newspaper.

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