Monday, 13 May 2013

Bullet Baba Temple

Drive on any Indian highway & watch the vehicles zipping past. On the rear of the cars, on the back of trucks, on the side of tractor trolleys & two wheelers photos of Gods, religious signs, religious symbols, slogans & even mantras are written or pasted or painted. Some of them make you smile.
- Bhole ki fauj karegi mauj.
- Babe dee full kirpa.
Besides every 20 - 30 km you may find a temple, a dargah, samadhi or a Pipal tree with lot of red threads tied on the trunk.

Bullet of Om Banaji
Near village Chotila , district Pali about 50 km from Jodhpur is a unique temple of Bullet Baba dedicated to Om Banaji (Shri Om Singh Rathore). In 1991(some say 1988) riding a Royal Enfield 350 cc Bullet - shown above, he crashed into a tree. The impact killed him on the spot. The smashed motorcycle fell into ditch and was lifted to nearby police station. It was found the next morning at the accident spot. They then removed the bike again, secured it with chain, but it  moved the next morning again.They tried all that they could to stop the bike - they even emptied the fuel tank - but to no avail. No matter what they did Om Bana's bike returned to the accident site in the dead of the night.
The news spread and people from villages in the surrounding area built a memorial - a temple to worship 'Bullet Baba'.
It is believed that Om Bana helps travellers & distressed passers by.

Disciple Of Bullet Baba
Disciple of Bullet Baba

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