Friday, 1 March 2013


It was almost 11 pm & husband put lock on the gate, checked the windows, closed the doors & slipped into the bed. He removed the spects & made himself comfortable in the bed. He was not interested in watching the homely serial which his wife was watching keenly. He closed his eyes & tried to sleep.

The music & noise of tv disturbed him but he resisted the attempt to shout ‘switch off the tv’. Instead he pulled the sheet & tried to cover his ears – one ear with sheet & the other with pillow. But noise continued to irritate him. Slowly the irritation mounted & got diverted to silly tastes of wife. He felt like doing Shirshasan then & there. Thankfully that day’s episode of the serial ended.

-Ei hello serial is over. Put off the light.
-What Hmmm? Switch off the light.
-I am asleep!
-What asleep? You are awake. Please switch off the light.
-I am really asleep yaar.
-What asleep yaar? Just press the switch off. Please.
-You can also do it!
-You do it.
-You do it.
-No you do it. The switch is nearer to you.
-How is this - tv is always nearer to you but switch is always nearer to me?
-Don’t comment on my watching tv just put the light OFF.
-I am not commenting on your views & silly serials but I am requesting you that as you were watching the tv & not me, it is you who should switch off & not me. Simple.
- Not simple I know. I know what simple means. Watch what you are uttering & before I give you a ‘simple’ reply please put off the light. Please.
-Don’t you talk to me like that? How many kilo meters is switch from you tell me? Why can’t you switch off the light?
-I understand you & your ideas. I know. I know. You are few centi meters away from switch & you talk about kilo meters to me. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you put off the light? Let me understand the reason. Be ready for replies also. Now put off the light PLEASE.
-I am ready for your replies. Here I am trying to sleep & you are watching tv & not allowing me to sleep. On top of that you wake me up & ask me to switch off the light. You should have done yourself earlier without asking me. How can I put off the light now?
-Yes I know. I know your thinking - you for yourself. Always - me & my this & my that. Always about self. What about others? Never a thought for others. If this light is disturbing you then put it off. If not, I am going to sleep with light on. 

- I know your thinking also. Always trying to have upper hand. I can also sleep with lights on. But I can’t sleep with your tv on. What I don’t like is your tone. Don’t boss over me. That’s all. I can switch off 100 lights if you want but you should be proper in your approach. Am I against you? You know in your heart that I am not against you. In fact I have been always with you even if you have not acknowledged. I know you are a good girl inside.

-Yes I am. But you are such a man who will rarely acknowledge about me in public. You devoured the dinner but never uttered a word of praise for my cooking. Never mind all that. In a way you are also not bad generally speaking.

-Ok good night.
-Good night.
-May I then, put off the light.
-Wait I will put off the light.  

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