Friday, 8 February 2013

Transfer ka Pangaa

Geology researchers from MIT have found that collision between India and Asia, took place 40 million years ago instead of the previous estimate of 50 million years. "India came running full speed at Asia and boom, they collided," MIT geology Professor Jagoutz said.

I am wondering at the thought of India floating comfortably in the Indian Ocean, without having borders with Pakistan & China & yet deciding to run at full speed to collide with Asia. I am not sure whether it was the decision of NDA or UPA at that time i.e. 40 million years ago, as basically I am a banker & try to keep away from politics.

But there must have been public sector banks at that time what do you say? I was a fresher in Zonal Office & thought this news must be brought to the notice of top brass. I took out a cutting of the news item, placed in a folder & proceeded to discuss the matter with our wise & worthy Zonal Manager The Baldy. My dear friends advised me against this. But I was sure it’s a breaking news item.

Anyways, now allow me to introduce our Zonal Manager or ZM The Baldy to you as perhaps you are not familiar with him. He was fond of saying ‘I shall post you to such a place that a a glass of water .....!’

He is know-all, clever, foxy, snake-ish, jackal-ish, old head. Fond of white shirts & silk ties, has a few hairs outstanding on his bald head. Hence he has been lovingly nicknamed The Baldy. He has a knack of rejecting your notes, ideas & suggestions, turning them into his own, rephrasing them & then representing to public as his great original ideas. That’s a great trick if you can master it. The Baldy has mastered it well & that’s why he is ZM & you are not.

The folder was before him & he was peering into it with thick lenses. I was standing near his table saying that cutting of interesting news has been placed before His Highness.

‘Yes I know.
‘Sir Researchers say India collided....
‘Yes I know.
‘Sir it was 40 million years & not 50....
‘Yes I know.
‘Sir public sector banks....
‘Yes I know.

After a long pause lasting for 40 million years, he cleared his throat.

‘I am passing orders for your posting as Chief Manager of a branch to be opened as & when the govt decides to detach India from Asia & go back to original position.’ This was followed by sarcastic & caustic ha ha ha.

My dear friends you had rightly said - Panga naa le yaar!

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