Friday, 8 June 2012

Slogans & Promotions

Fight to Finish
It was 11.30 & banking hall reflected active Indian economy- money was being withdrawn & money was being deposited by large no. of customers keeping all tellers & cashiers occupied. Service sector GDP was up.

All of a sudden Com. Dik-sit shouted ‘Stop Work’! Yours Truly like everybody else stopped work & service sector GDP crashed.  

Com.Dik-sit  shouted instructions ‘second floor’ & within minutes most of us were on second floor. Slogans were already being shouted ‘RM Hyderabad-Murdabad-2’  by the crowd in front of a cabin there. We also joined the chorus ‘Murdabad-2’  'Hai-Hai-2'. RM Hyderabad was not known to us & in the crowded cabin he was invisible from outside. What did he do to get showers of slogans was not clear. Yours Truly ventured to ask Com. Dik-sit as to who was this RM & what had he done. Com. Dik-sit barked ‘Quiet ! I don’t know. And there is no need for you to know.’

You see this period after nationalisation of banks was in favour of Unions. Demands of the individual members became that of the Unions who took up the cudgels with the management who bowed & the demands were satisfied. Aptly called Social Control of the banks!

But actually it was not that easy. Unions had to mobilise members across the country, issue circulars, organise seminars & meetings, issue notices of strike etc. Social Control has its cost too my dear Arora. Office bearers of the Unions have to work hard on all these aspects & for relaxation,  a peg or two in the evening is in order notwithstanding remarks passed by you my dear Arora.

In the instant case Com. Sehgal later informed that Com. Chada Secy. of the Head Office Union had visited Hyderabad region of course for mobilisation but could not mobilise good numbers. Besides RM Hyderabad named Narayanan Singh did not cooperate- neither did he address a common meeting & nor did he ‘gift properly’.  Now that Narayanan Singh is in Head Office building, befitting reception must be given to place the things in proper perspective. Hence the slogans. However, Com. Sehgal was of the opinion that more the slogans more the chances of promotion of Narayanan Singh.

Narayanan Singh eventually retired after reaching at the top. So dear Arora are you ready to go to the top? 
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