Friday, 25 May 2012

Part Time Jobs

I gave appointment letter to Manager who was engrossed in discussion with a bearded gentleman. He read my letter & looked at my face & handed over the letter to the bearded gentleman. Gentleman read the letter, looked at my face, smiled & said welcome to the branch, come along for introduction. By evening I understood him as comrade branch secy equivalent to branch manager. By next week I understood that com. branch secy was more than the manager. By next month I understood that com. branch secy managed the show & some people in the staff were having part time jobs under his umbrella. If you could keep com. branch secy in good humour you could go & see a movie in Regal  during the day or enjoy a beer or two with him in happy hours & resume duties. 

Those were glory days of the bank employees unions.I recall a few examples wherein blessings of com.secy are visible.

Com. Gopal Kishen after finishing days job by  2 o'clock discreetly obtained orders for stainless steel ware for your kitchen. Ordered items were brought next day in a jute bag on his cycle & delivered under Pipal tree in front of the branch as & when you left for home. Some spoons are still in use with me. Not sure if he achieved financial moksha under this Pipal tree.

Com. Sudesh Kapoor practised his homoeopathy neem hakim skills on unsuspecting patients against payment. Ask him for medicine for simple cold or  jukam he would say no no first have bath in cold water & get pneumonia so that he could start proper & long treatment for cure of your body & pocket. 

Com. Naveen Kumar used to live in Pahar Ganj & was expert
3-wheeler driver. While coming to & going from office he ferried passengers. Must have made a packet as he usually catered to foreigners staying in Pahar Ganj budget hotels during holidays. 

Com. Inder Bhagat ran a marriage bureau for which he kept a register under lock & key. This also facilitated large no. of freshers joining the bank at that time. He took full payment only after marriage was announced. For bank employees he offered  handsome discount as well. Social cum income making service it was. He was also known as shadi-wala-Sharma!

Com. Surinder Singh was a stage artist, writer, producer, director all in one. Very familiar with & having contacts in Mandi House circuit. He did not accept Yours Truly as a hero in his play but no regrets. His shows never got telecast. But he did arrange passes for the bosses. It was learnt later that he was actually a supplier of costumes for stage shows & was making a few dollars more!

Com. Varma a steno, ran off from the office at 3o'clock punctually to relieve his father who was running typo/stenography school. You could join his school on discounted fee & become a steno. After all steno allowance is lucrative I must admit & you remain close to power houses!

Com. Chatterjee had more sophisticated part time job in hand. His expertise lay in making Friendship Societies using the word Indo. He managed to create Societies with strange sounding names such as Indo-Albania, Indo-Andorra, Indo-Brunei Friendship  Societies. He had a knack of becoming some or the other office bearer in these & even visited such planets! In various functions relating to these he would invite our worthy CEO & thus remained on-off-duty at his will.

Com. Ms. Sudha was a singer having specialization in bhajans & jagrans. The sweet singer lady would normally be on  leave after sundays & holidays that is to say after jagrans. Com.secy would take care of her interests after sharing of prasad. It is understood she did not accept cash. In kind was ok.

GDP is going up no wonder.

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