Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Old Pensioner


Coins & Yours Truly
An old pensioner (O P) wanted to come in with Pass Book & Pay-in-Slip in the cabin of Yours Truly(Y T). O God looks like another complaint -CEO shall transfer this time-puccaa. Time to be tactful ! 
Y T - Please, please come in Sir.
O P - Your cashier is not accepting cash.
Y T - What does he say?
O P- He says no coins.
Y T - What Coins ? Show me the pay-in-slip. Oh only 35 paise?
Why do u want to deposit 35 paise? Your Pass Book shows a healthy balance of Rs.32,570.65 & pension has also been credited. 
O P - Round figure I want round figure.
Y T - Wot?
O P - Balance should always be only in round figures -rupees only & no paise.
For next 15 minutes O P spoke on virtues of round figures on which he had been working as accountant for all his life & refused to accept any of my pleas. I cited petrol prices, mobile bills etc which show odd paise but to no avail. O P sipped tea & extolled on the virtues of 0 invented by ancient Indians. How zero helped in advancing humanity.
Meantime intercom rang & my Asstt  spoke that if O P had finished his tea he be sent.Fine I said slightly relieved & sent O P to Asstt. In the evening I asked Asstt how he tackled O P? Simple he said.
'I transferred 35 paise from my personal account to his account'.
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