Monday, 15 December 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 34: On lonely roads of Maharashtra

We returned from Trimbak to Nashik - a distance of 28 km, under intermittent rain. We entered first available good looking restaurant around one pm. We had simple lunch of dal, roti, papad & coffee to keep stomach quiet for 3 -4 hours. During discussion the restaurant owner suggested that one can move towards Surat via Dindori - Vani - Saputara and in Vani one could find good hotel or resort for the night. We consulted map, put on the GPS & started the car though it was still drizzling.

Once past city limits it was long lonely route & for company there were grape farms, hills & mountains drenched in monsoon showers. It was pleasant green all around in fields & on mountains. Every tree & every blade of grass seemed to smile.

But monsoon showers had affected the ill maintained roads as well creating poodles & potholes. But the road had practically no traffic except for occasional bullock cart or tractor. Basically it was tractor country.

We passed Dindori & then Vani but no hotel was in sight. By 5.30 or so we were getting tired of jerks & slow speed. Evening was descending with clouds and no dhaba, restaurant or hotel was seen which was a cause of worry. Mobile signals were weak & kept disappearing. We just drove on hoping for the best.

Suddenly in the distance we saw a building which turned out to be a resort / hotel much to our relief. But they had no arrangement for dinner as there were no guests & therefore no chef! However coffee & snacks were made available which perked us up. For dinner we were advised to go 5 km further ahead to another resort. It turned out to be good dinner with beer in the menu as bonus. For in the morning we were to step in to dry Gujrat. Some snaps of the lonely route: 


Road moved through the fields, hills & mountains
Evening walk towards home
In the middle of nowhere

Enough of school for the day, let's go home

Busy farmer calls it a day
Keep walking
Swimming pool attached to Vani dam

Where are you going?

Take a break

Board says Thanks. But no thanks - bad roads, no road signs, mobile not working, no dhaba, no village & no nothing
At last comes Udai Hills Resort near Hathgad. Newly built hotel building had 28 rooms & that night we two were the only guests 

Room with a view - morning sun seen from hotel room. On those hills is located Hathgad Fort
Eat breakfast like a king - Poha, Upma & hot coffee. Now ready to storm Dhokla country

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