Thursday, 20 June 2013

As per Rules!

As per Rules!

It was a large office complex in Conn Place. On 4th floor of the building, we had two doors facing the lifts. The left door led to Delhi Zonal Office & the right one to New Delhi Zonal office. It need not be construed here that those working on the left side office are leftists & those working in office on right side are rightists!

The left office or the Delhi Zonal Office is headed by a Zonal Manager or ZM. He is not exactly ‘tall, dark & handsome’ but short, beer-bellied & handsome. His hairs have dissolved in thin air & as of now a few strands are visible. Hence the left office people have an affectionate name for him ‘The Baldy’.
New Delhi Zonal office is headed by Mr Mehra. Compared to The Baldy he is younger & more informal. He has recently taken charge of the office & so far relations with office people have been cordial. It seemed that he was more of a motivational man & less stickler of rules in contrast to The Baldy.

We three commute together in Haryana Roadways bus from Gurgaon to Conn Place distance being nearly 25 kms. Two of us are working in right  office & our friend Garg works in left office. On 24th Jan we were in roadways bus going to office. Now you see Delhi is capital of India & Conn Place is capital of Delhi so to say. Capital holds a Republic Day Parade on 26th Jan but full dress rehearsal is held on 24th Jan which passes thru inter alia Con't Place also. Traffic polices publishes routes & diversions for the rehearsal. You take this route, don’t go this way etc.

The bus took this route & that route, turned this way & that way & finally dumped us on Sansad Marg one km away from the office at 9.55. Clutching our brief cases we made a dash to the office. Ignored the Q for lift & instead rushed via staircase & reached inside at 10.10 huffing & puffing totally out of breath. Manager hrd directed two of us to ZM. Mr Mehra listened to our story & said that such incident must not get repeated. This rehearsal was known & we should have planned accordingly. We apologised, assured him of non-recurrence & thanked him. He told Manager - hrd to allow us to mark attendance & resume duties.

In the left office, simultaneously, our friend Garg did the explaining to The Baldy. Garg was told ‘No. As per rules you are to report for duty before 10. You are late by 10 minutes whatever the reason.’  Manager - hrd of Delhi Zonal Office did not allow him to mark attendance & he was treated on leave for that day. Dejected Garg went off cursing The Baldy, Manager - hrd, the bank & himself. He roamed about Conn Place for a while & had his lunch in Central Park. He boarded 1’o clock bus back home.

This incident happened long time back & I have narrated & discussed the story with lot many colleagues as to which executive was right – Mr Mehra the one who allowed to join or The Baldy the one who did not allow the staff to join the office 10 min late. But the debate remains inconclusive.

What do you say?
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