Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Sevagram Wardha

Sevagram Ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936 in district Wardha. It is 8 km from Wardha town & 75 km from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He was 67 then. He stayed there till 1948. Land for the Ashram was donated by Seth Jamna Lal Bajaj a disciple of Gandhi ji. Initially the place was created for Bapu, Ba & few others only but slowly it got evolved as an institution.
Simpliycity is hallmark of the place as is also of Mahatma Gandhi. Harijan cooks manned the kitchen in accordance with philosophy of Gandhi that all are equal.

Sevagram can be reached by rail, road or air. Sevagram railway station is 6 km from Ashram. Accomodation for stay is available in Yatri Niwas( for more info & bookings you may please visit ). There is a museum and shops selling handicrafts, hand made clothes & Gandhian litrature etc. Organic veg food is also avaible. For casual tourists Ashram remains open from sunrise to sunset.
Some photos:

1. Prayer Ground where Bapu offered prayers & shared his thoughts

2. Cool scene. School kids in Ashram 

3. Residence of Mahatma Gandhi - Bapu Kuti

4. Verandah of Bapu Kuti

5. Bapu Kuti & Ba Kuti

6. Residence of Ba - Ba Kuti

7. Cool verandahs have many boards displaying Mahatma's thoughts

8. Mahatma's views on mad race of materialism