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Pauri in pics

Pauri is headquarter of Pauri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand. Spread entirely in hills, Pauri is cool in summer & cold in winter. Annual temperature ranges from low of 8 degrees in January to high of 23 degrees in June. Annual rain fall is about 1600 mm & height of the town is approx 1800 meters. It can be reached via Rishikesh > Devprayag or from Kotdwar > Lansdowne. Nearest airport is in Dehradun & nearest railway station is Kotdwar.

Some temples & inscriptions indicate that the place had been inhabited in 6th century and onwards. Longest rule of about three centuries was by Shah dynasty. In 1803 Gorkhas invaded & captured Garhwal area. After Anglo-Nepalese War 1816 the area was transferred under British who put a Commissioner in Kumaon for entire hills division. In 1837 Garhwal was separated and Pauri was made headquarters of Garhwal Division.

Places of interest - Kandolia Temple, Kyunkaleshwar Temple, Deval Temples, Jwalpa Devi 34 km, Tarkeshwar Mahadev 36 km from Lansdowne, Danda Nagraja 35 km, Khirsu 25 km etc.

Some photos from recent visit:

A view of hills in Pauri from near Circuit House. On house tops water storage tanks can be seen indicating that all is not well when it comes to municipal water supply. 

Colourful houses on slopes of the hills

Step farming on the hills. Sole source of irrigation is rain water. Scene from Deval village near Pauri 

Zig zag roads are everywhere. Roads are narrow but maintained. As elsewhere in India vehicular traffic is increasing here also  

After effect of rains. Mist rises from warmer valley upwards forming clouds 

Lush green hills are charming

This was the architectural style of old houses. Slanting iron sheets ward off heavy rains. In good old days there was snowfall also once in a while. Scene from Kyunkaleshwar Temple 

Scenes like this occur usually during monsoon days

Hills, houses & clouds 

From hill tops of Pauri snow clad mountains are visible. Largest mountain seen in the photo is called Chaukhamba  

Pressure of population can be seen. View from Kandolia Temple 

Step farming is not easy with primitive hand made tools 

Country roads take me home ...

Ramlila Ground in Pauri 

Circuit House in Pauri was built in 1986 at a height of 1750 meters 

Lots of birds are seen here in Pauri. Sparrows can be seen around houses 

In campus of Laxman Temple, village Deval approx 11 km from Pauri. The Temple is said to have been built in 11th to 15th century 
Entrance of Kyukaleshwar Temple which is said to have been built in 8th century

Kandoliya Devta Temple 
Another view of Pauri from Kandoliya Temple 

Pauri also has a Stadium called Ransi Stadium. It is said to be highest cricket ground second only to Chail Cricket Stadium in Shimla Hills, Himachal

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