Tuesday, 17 May 2016

On Western Coast of India

Edapally-Panvel Road runs through Kerala, Karnataka, Goa & Maharashtra. This road is now renumbered as NH 66 in place of NH 17. It has several sections in different states with different numbers. The road is narrow & single in most places in Kerala & Goa and is wider in Karnataka & Maharashtra. Expansion work is on in many places. The route is busy one with heavy truckers carrying goods to & fro ports. The truckers & private bus drivers generally follow their own rules & pay scant attention to other travellers. Need to drive carefully.

But the route is beautiful with blue Arabian Sea on the left & lush green Western Ghats on the right. Now the road comes near the sea & then snakes through the hills. Coastal scenes are awesome and one forgets the blaring horns, stray animals, potholes & speed breakers.
Some photos:

Fresh fish caught from Arabian Sea being sold in Murudeshwara, Karnataka

A view of the Arabian Sea from Fort Aguada, Goa

A view of Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu
Backwaters of Kochi, Kerala
From Kanyakumari to Goa. There are three alternate routes of which that near sea shore is beautiful. Blue Arabian Sea on the left & green Western Ghats on the right make the drive enjoyable
Sea beach near Kappad locally called Kappakadavu in Calicut now called Kozhikode, Kerala. It is in Kappad that Portuguese traveller Vosco Da Gama landed on 20 May 1498. Samudiri (Zamorin) was the King of Calicut at that time

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