Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 36: On lonely roads of Dang, Gujrat ii of iii

From Nashik we proceeded towards Surat passing through Dang district. The landscape & green forests of Dang were a pleasant surprise.

Dang is least populated district of Gujrat. It is spread over 1764 sq km & has a population of 2.30 lacs majority being Adivasis. It is located in Sahyadri mountain range & has large portion under dense green jungle. Climate is cool & breezy throughout the year. It is 150 km from Surat & 250 km from Mumbai.

Dang is also known as The Dangs as various places in the district are named with prefix Dang for example Dang Pimpri, Dang Amla, Dang Wasurna & so on. It is one of the most backward district of India but historical one. Dandak or Dandkaranya or Dakaranya finds mention in Ramayana. Pandavas are also believed to have stayed here.

In 14th century Adivasi kings separated from the Mughals & declared independence. In 1664 Shivaji established Lashkari Amba, his military base here to attack & annex Surat. In 1842 the British were beaten by combined forces of five tribal kingdoms - Daher, Linga, Gadvi, Wasurna & Pimpri. British decided to offer a compromise to five kings & to consider Dang as foreign territory. The kings were paid 3000 silver coins every year in exchange of timber, bamboo & other forest products. Some annual payments are still made though no mention is made of such payments in official web sites. Some photos:

Red balloon marks Ahwa headquarters of Dang district
On the plateau near Saputara

Keep walking!

A little chit chat
Green hills

Bridge on the river Ambika 
Ambika river

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