Saturday, 20 December 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 35: On lonely roads in Dang, Gujrat - i of iii

After breakfast of Poha, Upma & coffee in Uday Hill Resort near Hathgad we drove across to Gujrat just 5 km away in to lush green Dang district.

Dang is least populated district of Gujrat. It is spread over 1764 sq km & has a population of 2.30 lacs majority being Adivasis. It is in Sahyadri mountain range & has large portion under dense green jungle. It is 150 km from Surat & 250 km from Mumbai.

On plateau of the Dang district is Saputara, a picturesque hill station. Average altitude is about 1000 mtr and climate is cool & breezy throughout the year. Saputara has large lake, boat club, hotels & resorts which makes it a cool getaway for a couple of days in the lap of the nature. Bardipara forest is 60 km & seasonal Gira Waterfall is 50 km & Hathgad fort is only 5 km away. Of course thirsty throats of dry Gujrat can quench their thirst here in comfort. Some photos:

We came via Nashik-Hathgad Road

Saputara - neat, clean, quiet & cool

Enjoy cool breeze, boat ride & nice scenes
Another view of lake, mountain & hotels

Lonely roads with lovely scenes

Lush green surroundings & clear sky adds to the charm

Many trucks carried tomato garlands perhaps to ward off evil eye

Ekla Chalo Re!

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