Thursday, 6 November 2014

Long drive to Delhi - 18 : Bekal Fort, Kasargod, Kerala

Driving along Edapally-Panvel Road or NH 17 from Calicut northwards we saw an indicator showing Bekal Fort & the car was diverted there. It is 9 km off NH 17. We found it to be a strategically located, well planned & beautiful fort overlooking the sea.

Bekal Fort is situated in Kasargod district, Kerala about 65 km from Mangalore. It is spread over 40 acres of land & is largest fort in Kerala. Fort is said to have been constructed / reconstructed during 1650 by Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore. It has walls of 12 mtr height made of local laterite stones. Bekal was an important military station of Tipu Sultan of Mysore. In 1799 he was killed by British & the Fort came under British East India Company. Bekal Fort & Kasargod district became part of Kerala in 1956.

The Fort has survived due to solid construction which has braved sea waves & heavy rains. The Observation Tower in the centre of the Fort, an addition said to be made by Tipu Sultan, gives wide panoramic view of sea. Some photos:

Entrance to the Bekal Fort 
Front wall of the Fort with provision for moat

Observation Tower was added by Tipu Sultan. View from the top is breathtaking   
View from the top - large round hole in the middle of the photo is said to be entrance of a tunnel, since barred
Sea beach, green earth & hills in the background

Another view from atop the Observation Tower

Land side view from the Observation Tower

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