Thursday, 10 July 2014

Declassifying my secret luv letters

These are the days of 'leaks' & breaking news. Like Wikileaks leaking secret papers & confidential letters. Like some pages from Henderson Brooks report on Indo-China war of 1962 have been leaked. And of breaking news in tv channels there is no end - 'babu caught with secret & sensitive papers near abandoned Haveli'.

I am losing sleep over such matters for last couple of weeks. It has become so difficult to keep secrecy of my love letters written four decades back. No doubt the sensitive bunch is lying in my bank locker having one key with my good-self & the other with bank manager. Believe me I keep checking the locker come summer heat, rain or foggy cold days.

But you never know if any villain or some snoopy journalist follows you to the bank trying to get hold of the sensitive papers & making out a 'breaking news' story or leaking them on internet. That is not in my national interest.

So I have reviewed the situation seriously for declassifying my love letters. I have consulted legal brains & gone through Official Secrets Act 1923, RTI Act & so on. I have arrived at a conclusion now:
(a) like in Britain after 30 years (now 20 years I am told) they publish secret documents therefore I will also publish some secret letters &
(b) like in India if the document is sensitive they can keep it secret even after 50 years therefore I will also keep some sensitive letters secret even after 50 years.

Now hereby I leak some secret letters. These were in fact chits & not letters and were secretly hand delivered in closed envelopes. At that time the expressions like - darling, baby, my love, honey - were not 'in' nor the mobiles were available.

Tomorrow holiday 15 Aug. Come to India Gate, near Boat Club bus stop for introductory talks for 10 min.
मिलोगी न?
Shall be waiting-waiting-waiting for you under जामुन tree number seven.
- - - HW

Arre good weather for roaming. Last time your talcum powder was very good. उसकी ख़ुशबू बहुत अच्छी थी ।
Use same again. My shirt shall be blue matching your blue saree.
Shall be waiting-waiting-waiting at bus stop in front of Kuber Kuberni statues Reserve Bank.
देर मत करना वरना कुबेरनी को देखता रहूँगा ।
 - - - HW

Oho good news. Oho surprise news. I have motorcycle now! New Bullet with Babe di full kirpa!
धक धक भागती है बड़ा मज़ा आएगा ।
Full tank, saree guard for you installed especially.
Will ride around Con Place गोल चक्कर । 
Shall be waiting-waiting-waiting at Max Muller Bhawan canteen.
- - - HW  

मिल गई मिल गई मिल गई जन्मपत्री मिल गई !
Waiting shall be over now!
- - - HW

Rest of the letters up to marriage are really long & sensitive. These shall be published on 14-12-2029.

Dhuk Dhuk धक धक

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