Friday, 11 April 2014

Lost & found - purse

In January last year we were in process of shifting from New Delhi to Meerut. The flat we purchased in Meerut was being white washed, electrical gadgets & new furniture was being added, & old items were being polished. Simultaneously arrangements for marriage of our elder son were also in progress. Both shifting to a new place & to prepare for marriage was tougher than we had imagined it to be.

To organise a Indian wedding requires enormous amount of patience, energy & of course cash. Now the Indian wedding also requires that parents of the groom be as well dressed as the groom for the grand occasion. And father of the groom must also go to a good saloon to have all sorts of repair, denting & painting done to face & hair which was a bit too much for me.

With labour working at new flat it was getting difficult to leave the house & look for a good saloon in the city. So I decided to make a dash at 7.30 in the morning into the first available saloon. Had a trimming paid him off & came out. I hurriedly lifted the sweater I wore & put the purse in side pocket of kurta & pulled the sweater down again not knowing that the purse had not entered the pocket but had fallen on the roadside.

Saloon is Open
On reaching home had a bath & while getting ready found that the purse was missing. I hastily retraced the steps, asked the security guard at the gate & barber also but no sign of purse. Came back worried, frustrated, trying to recall the contents & to consider further action. Purse contained Delhi driving license, a credit card, two debit cards, few unpaid bills of carpenter, a joint photo & rupees nine thousand odd in cash but no visiting card to show my contact number.

We lost the hope of finding it back but wished that at least driving license is retrieved somehow. Reputation of Meerut being a city of many criminals added to discomfort. We were getting ready for lodging complaint when the mobile phone rang. It was Kapoor saab from Pensioners & Retired Persons Association, New Delhi. I had become a life member of that Organisation about a month back by paying Rs. 1k. I recalled that the receipt was also there in my purse. Kapoor saab asked:

'Are you in Delhi or in Meerut? Please note down a mobile number of one Garg saab who has called from Meerut. He says that he has found your purse.'

Well Mr Garg turned out to be an Asstt Engineer in a state government deptt. He said that he examined the contents of the purse. Only phone number available therein was on the printed receipt of Pensioners & Retired Persons Association New Delhi & he contacted them. Kapoor saab also responded very promptly & purse was back in pocket in an hour & ten minutes.

I have saved number of Mr Garg in my mobile phone as Garg Purse Wale.
All is well that ends well

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