Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Election times in family.

Come election & noisy tv debates start. Occasionally these debates overflow on to our dining table with family members getting as noisy. Bigger the election noisier the debates till a loud & firm voice is heard coming from the kitchen 'No talking while eating'. The high pitched voices cool down. Smiles appear & then blame game starts. A blames B for dragging everyone in to political discussion & B blames C & so on. In the end everyone denies starting the political debate like the politicians & matter is over.

Usually there are five of us on the dining table. For your information all are voters & their classification is as under:

           Pensioner -- 02
           Service ----- 03
           Male ----- 03
           Female -- 02
           Graduates --- 03
           Post Grad --- 02
           Tax payers -- 05

But the opinions of these five voters vary from left to centre to right & consensus on a candidate or a political party is rarely reached. Voters get split on such trivial issues like potholes on roads, age of the candidate, gender of the candidate or even on 'smartness' of a candidate. So I would not venture into a pre-poll survey. It is really unpredictable. Earlier pre-poll predictions have all gone wrong.
Percentage of polling remains impressive 100% as every family member votes & that too in early hours of election day. For this no incentives in cash or kind are needed. No ads or party flags are needed as things are available in facebook, twitter, hangouts etc. Good bye to those candidates who are not on social media as they are not considered.

Ready for Election?

There are turncoats also in these voters as they don't stick to a party but jump from one to to another if the candidate of the other party is assessed smarter.  

It may be told in confidence that there have been instances of betting of pizza or of a film show on a winning candidate. But for sure these are one off incidents & were financed from own pocket & not from any party funds.

Good luck to you if you are a candidate in this election.

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