Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Boss gets a designer Kurta

My boss is the Regional Manager of 27 branches in Jhumri Talliyya region & has his office right in the middle of the town. View from his office window shows a crossing crowded & full of variety of vehicles like tonga, buggi, rickshaws, bikes, autos & cars blowing their horns & all trying to race ahead ignoring traffic police man as far as feasible.

In the heat of May - June & humidity of July - August those who are stopped at crossings by traffic police men feel like in hell. They start sweating, cursing & then overtaking from left, right or centre as fast as they can. Though our traffic law is simple enough - left is right & right is wrong but heat takes your patience away. And the electricity failure in traffic lights adds to the discomfort as traffic man takes his own time to allow you to pass.

Left is right & right is wrong!

This was not new to our Regional Manager who had faced many transfers across India & was used to heat & dust of the towns. Let me introduce him. You see he is 55+, short, with large beer belly & bald. That's the reason we call him The Baldy out of love & affection of course. So when suggestion for an outing & that too boating in the evening in a Jheel just outside of Jhumri was made to him, The Baldy promptly accepted with delight. Mr Singh dropped a hint about arranging chilled beer during boating, Mr Gupta was ready to arrange veg snacks & Mr Rajput agreed to organise fresh fish bar-be-cue right there for the boss.

Mr Sharma felt that he ought to add something or the other to the party or else he would be left out of race in forthcoming interview. He gathered his wits & thought hard. Suddenly he declared that he would like to see the boss in designer kurta - pyjama while boating. The Baldy was delighted & so was Mr Sharma.

The Baldy was enjoying the boat ride with can of beer in his right hand with his left arm dipping in the cool water of Jheel. He was enjoying indeed. He would take a sip of beer & then would attempt to row the boat with left arm. His left arm was completely wet by the time he was out of boat. The party was enjoyed by all & was a smashing hit.

About a week later The Baldy casually mentioned to Mr Gupta that there was something strange about that kurta. Left sleeve of kurta has shrunk & is now shorter than right sleeve. Even after a wash & ironing left one is short & right one is long. How's that?

Mr Gupta informed Mr Singh, who informed to Mr Rajput & who informed to Mr Sharma. These days Mr Sharma is a worried man. Can you help him?   

No traffic signal here, enjoy the ride 

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