Thursday, 13 March 2014

Posted to Jhumri Talliya

Congratulations dear. I heard you got promoted & that you are being posted in Jhumri Talliya. I understand acceptance has to be given next week to seal the deal. In case you are getting posted to Jhumri, I would suggest you to accept this posting without hesitation. I am here for about two years & am comfortable. Of course you must be keen to know about this place & about the Regional Manager of Jhumri, I can fill up the details for you.

Jhumri is a medium sized town known for its ponds, hillocks & bullocks. Every kilometre or two you shall see a small or large pond with plenty of small & large fish in them. Drive your official car in the night carefully. I may tell you in confidence that last year one Chief Manager could not control his car & swam with the fish under the starlit sky. Of course not to mention that he had had a peg too many on Holi. These things happen once in a while you see & need to be taken in your stride. This January it was turn of a pilot who coolly landed his plane & taxied it up to a pond so that passengers could have a quick wash.

Things like fish, ducks & mutton are cheaper here compared to say in Delhi because of taal talliyas & so is local brew which is real kicker & fixer. But I understand you are a vegetarian & don't like drinks even. You are missing things really my dear & perhaps inviting mosquitoes also as latest researches have shown that mosquitoes like vegetarians. And most of the houses are in the vicinity of ponds full of mosquitoes. Never mind plenty of doctors are available as most of them have deposits in white or in black in our branches here.  

Regional Manager  Jhumri is a fine gentleman. He is 55+, short of height, with large beer belly & a few strands of hair standing on his bald head. Out of affection only he has been nick named The Baldy. He is a jolly good fellow who can crack jokes on you & laugh loudly you see. The other day he said, - Gupta has 4 safari suits - on Monday it is grey, on Tuesday it is brown, on Wednesday it is grey pant & brown shirt & on Thursday it is brown pant & grey shirt so 2 x 2 = 4. Hahahaha'. Everyone laughed & Gupta also laughed. Great sense of humour you see.

Another of his qualities is keeping sharp eye on expenditure. That's how banks make profits no? Once a file containing travelling allowance bills was put up to him. He passed all the bills in the file within minutes with the remark 'Passed for 50 %' scrolled on each bill. This included his own bill also (which was quietly rectified for 100 % payment later). Such acts make you feel his commitment to the bank my dear.

You make a mental note that The Baldy likes to attend parties hosted by others you see. Also note that he does not accept gifts in Diwali unless of course it is a gold item for the Madam you see.

So you can sign the acceptance bindaas & join here. I am organising a 'Welcome to Jhumri' garden party with The Baldy as Chief Guest.

Garden Party

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