Monday, 24 March 2014

Boss The Baldy & gifts

Our Regional Manager is very methodical person both in his work & in his personal life. This makes him world famous in all 27 branches of Jhumri Talliyya region. But before proceeding further & elaborating on his qualities, let me describe him to you. He is 55+, short of height, a bit dark complexioned, pot bellied or rather beer bellied as he loves beer, with a few strands of hair trying to stand upright on his bald head. Because of his hair & because of our affection we have awarded him a nick name: The Baldy.

That he is methodical can be illustrated thus. If he remains on leave say from Jan 1 to Jan 9, his PA is to ensure that newspapers & official papers are neatly placed in chronological order. When he resumes office after leave, he will first open up newspapers of Jan 1 then office papers of Jan 1, then of Jan 2 & so on. No jumping the Q. Similarly as a matter of habit he would read a letter put up to him, sign it & then keep it in drawer. Next morning he would take it out, read again & then send for despatch.

This makes life interesting for some but makes life miserable for us juniors. It is learnt in confidence from his driver, maid servant & peon that same type of methodical accounting goes for Diwali gifts also. First of all gifts from 27 branch managers are to be separated, then opened one by one after Diwali, contents commented upon & noted carefully. Plastic items are dumped in store & contents of dry fruit trays placed in air tight containers.
In one of the gift packets from Gupta there was a gold chain which was referred to the jeweller & found to be 18 carat stuff. The Baldy commented 'hmm baniagiri dikha di Gupta toone'. He immediately fixed rating of Gupta at 'B' for forthcoming Annual Review.

Singh always presented interesting items. This time his gift box contained besides tray of dry fruits, a large sized 2.50 litre bottle of Teacher resting on a stand & purchased from duty free shop. 'Wow Singh is real king' said The Baldy. He was mighty pleased & was ready to give 'A' in Annual Review to Singh.

Another gift box was from Sharma which contained beautiful set of cutlery seeing which The Baldy frowned but madam was pleased. And if memsaab is pleased saab eventually has to smile & that meant that Sharma had a chance of getting 'A' in Annual Review.

Gift box from Verma had a suit length in it with usual pack of dry fruits. The Baldy was not pleased as several similar packets had already been received & how many suits one could wear in a season? And then one has to bear exorbitant stitching charges no?

Diwali gift box from Goel was rather heavy as it contained a pack of dry fruits, carton of beer cans of a brand liked by The Baldy & a pack of playing cards on top. Beer & dry nuts were acceptable & good but playing cards reminded The Baldy of having lost a cool sum of 5k to Goel in Diwali. The Baldy was perplexed. Could you help The Baldy in deciding the rating of Goel for Annual Review?           
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