Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year in the Branch!

These days because of computers there is no 'Closing day' in banks which has taken fun out of the job.

During ancient times banks closed their annual accounts as on December 31st & half yearly on June 30th. Both days were Bank Holidays meaning working days for staff but  off days for public transactions. On both the occasions HO issued circulars to that effect well in advance.  Come to think of it, it feels funny at this point of time. Staff will be working in locked channel gate with a placard hanging outside proclaiming to the public 'Bank Holiday Today'. Though unwritten announcement was 'Get lost & come again another day'!

Inside the branch atmosphere was rather festive. Staff casually walked in up to noon relaxed & in a mood to have fun. The targets of deposits & priority sector advances had been achieved & so tea / biscuits / lunch were on the house & two bottles for the naughty boys for evening celebrations of Happy New Year.

Mr Gupta was busy with arrangements of lunch which alas did not include non-veg items making two Tellers sulk. They joked about the menu calling it as Bania menu! They both calmed down when learnt about the bottles were available for the evening show.

Three ladies working in the branch huddled together near room heater warming their toes & chatting about their unruly husbands, naughty kids & Hitler like branch manager. They were of the view that none of  them understood womenfolk. They were waiting for the lunch to be served so that they could quit early.

Mr Malhotra cleared his throat for singing filmi songs. He considered himself no less than Manna De. I am not sure if film industry missed him!

Mr Agarwal & Mr Sood were busy in one corner of the branch. They were placing loan files first on the table, then on floor & then again on the table. Large blank formats of branch balance sheets, loans & deposit statements were spread here & there. Black pens, blue pens, red pens, pencils & white corrective fluid bottles, staplers were thrown about everywhere confirming that very important closing work was on. They must not be disturbed.

Regional Manager The Baldy, wanted figures of deposits & advances on phone every few minutes as if they were increasing on their own magically. He wanted assurance that all C/C account were debited to the full. I wished to inform that none of C/C account had any balance left similar to no hair left on his head. I wished that boss kept cool but no the phone kept ringing.

By evening people related to loans were left with Daftari Mahto helping them with files. It was time for final inking of all formats, figures in pencil were to be rubbed off, mistakes were to be white-washed & placed again. No photostats were allowed therefore only originals in four sets were to be submitted. This exercise began in right earnest. All originals meant minimum three hours boring work indeed.

By about 8 pm, things were in shape & smiles appeared. Daftari Mahto produced whisky glasses on the table & a plate of namkeen. Every one cheered for new year. As luck would have it light failed for a few moments, somebody moved & hit the table. The table was shaken & glasses spilled over the bunch of statements!

It took another bottle & two hours to finish the task.

All settled you see!

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