Sunday, 6 October 2013

History Repeats Itself

In good old times of great king Maho the treasury & banking operations of his kingdom were entrusted to a minister Baho. This was on account of efforts of Baho that operations of treasury & banking were spread in every nook & corner of the kingdom for the benefit of inhabitants & of course for king Maho. This was done for the welfare of the inhabitants despite the differences in colours of their skins & difference in their faiths. To run the show minister Baho appointed chieftains, sub-chieftains & so on in various towns & bazaars to help the inhabitants. Minister Baho earned great respect & regards from the inhabitants of the kingdom due to his untiring efforts. But you are aware that no one can live forever.

His status of health was being carefully watched by a big landlord Ghato. He was no doctor but his wish of life was to capture the ministry of treasury & banking. He was seeing opportunity coming his way as minister Baho was getting weaker by the day. He consulted his astrologer, his trusted friends & prepared a roadmap to future target. One road shall lead to the palace of queen which shall be travelled by his wife. Suitable jewellery & gifts were packed for the queen. Another road will go to jungle for hunting to be followed by his son with prince. Fully loaded team for the purpose was organised. Ghato himself will take care of some of the ministers in the cabinet of His Highness Maho. Their gift boxes & invitations were ordered. Ghato was now looking for his deputies.

He spotted a suitable hand Hencho from across five rivers who promised to eliminate anybody on slightest hint of Ghato. He would not rest till ministry of treasury & banking was cleaned as per wishes of the boss Ghato. He said he was all thorough his life a lower rung henchman but if given promotion & he was ready to do anything. He said he knew how to scare people & to push them in a corner. Scaring the people gives great inner joy & satisfaction he said.
The Hunter
Soon Ghato & Hencho were in power & in action. Ghato handed over a list of rogue chieftains, unruly, delinquent, undisciplined & unbecoming sub-chieftains etc to Hencho for action. Part of secret list has been obtained & is produced here along with action taken report –ATR-submitted by Hencho. Please keep this to yourself or else.

-Instead of arranging free supply of chicken & mutton to royal kitchen this chieftain AKS demands free chicken for himself from supplier. I don’t like this as I am not getting even a single free Tangri. ATR – The chieftain AKS has been charged with unbecoming behaviour with a client last year & also shifted away from family to eastern hills as sub-chieftain. His sub has been made sub of a sub-chieftain in western hills. Their guard has been dismissed. Area has been cleared for person of choice Your Highness Ghato!

-Chieftain BKS is always short of given business targets. What’s wrong with him? ATR – He has been threatened with dire consequences & far flung posting. He has been booked for lapses committed seven years back. You would have enjoyed looking at him when he was booked – perplexed Your Highness Ghato!

-Chieftain CKS is not seen in bazaar area during the day. How is that? Is he not interested in business? ATR- Horse provided to him has been seized thereby reducing his horsepower. Warned & threatened him Your Highness Ghato!

Hencho carried on the executions & in due time learnt about history of Ghato & tricks of getting into the cabinet of the king. He also prepared a team & in a short while eliminated Ghato & took over the ministry in a coup.

After becoming a minister Hencho came in direct contact with the king & started cultivating him. He soon found out weakness of the king & by attending to the weakness he gained the confidence of king. Slowly his ambition grew & he started preparing for final assault on the king. He built up a team headed by Tippo & after a while he ousted king Ghato. Hecho declared himself to be the king.

Hencho appointed Tippo as his minister of treasury & banking operations. Tippo put in his best & things improved a lot. In due course he learnt about history of previous ministers & he also became ambitious.

Well history was about to repeat itself.
No mistake this time!

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