Friday, 6 September 2013

Visit to Pattadakal, Karnataka - A World Heritage Site

Perfect geometrical shapes & lines of Nandi Temple
Pattadakal a tiny village, is situated on the banks of river Malaprabha in Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It is 22 km from Badami & over 520 km from Bangalore. The town has also been referred in ancient texts as Raktapura - Red Town & Pattadakal Kisuvolal linked perhaps to reddish rocky hills all around this place. Chalukyan rulers had their coronation (patta) ceremonies here from seventh to ninth century.

The group of magnificent temples & shrines is representative of Chalukyan temple architecture. Some temples are in Nagara ( North Indian) style & some others in Dravidian architectural style having beautiful engravings & statues based on stories of Ramayana & Mahabharata. Chalukyas evolved their own distinct styles by fusing them. It is said that queen Lokadevi (Lokamahadevi) brought sculptors from Kanchipuram to create the marvelous temple complex in honour of victories of King Vikrmaditya II (734 to 745) over Pallavas.

Spread over an area of four acres this wonderful complex has been included in the list of World Heritage sites in 1987. Some photos.

Jambulinga Devalaya
Magnificent style of temple
Canopy here has a different style. Part of Virupaksha temple. 

Vamna Avtaar. As dwarf brahmin Lord Vishnu asked three steps of land from asura king Bali & then measured the world in two & a half steps. King asked Vamna to place foot on his head as King had nothing more to offer
Restoration work is on

Symbol of Chalukyas. The symbol shown here comprises of selective distinct properties of seven animals - Elephant, Crocodile, Lion, Peacock, Boar, Horse & Mahisha
A view of the Virupaksh temple

Time & weather have taken their toll

View of the monuments

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