Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Shades of Monsoon - Some photos

During May - June entire north Indian land mass gets scorching hot to 40 – 45 Celsius. All living beings start looking towards sky for relief. The seas remain cooler comparatively & moisture laden sea breeze starts journey from Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal towards Himalayas & thereby begins the Monsoon. Parched land & over a billion people get relieved on seeing clouds & soaking in showers.

Monsoon affects entire South East Asia & there are West African & Asian-Australian monsoon as well. The word Monsoon was first used in British India & is perhaps based on Arabian ‘mawsim’, Portuguese ‘mancao’ or Dutch ‘monsun’ or all of them.

For 3 to 4 months there are wide spread intermittent rains which bring joy & change in mood generally. Rivers swell, brownish land turns greenish looking rejuvenated. Clouds in various hues of grey form endless variations in the sky. 

Some photos.

Rain clouds over Jain Temple, Ranakpur in Udaipur
Monsoon rain in full force on road to Hampi, Karnataka

Gopuram & tower  under monsoon clouds in Belur, Karnataka

Clouds -white, grey & dark. Near Bijwasan Road farm houses, New Delhi

Sun trying to break out of clouds over Gandhi Colony, Muzaffar Nagar

Will it rain will it not? Clouds over NH 56 to Dehra Dun

After the rain the evening sky clears on NH 8 to Jaipur

Monsoon clouds over Shivasamudram Falls, Karnataka
Where land & clouded sky meet! On sea shore of Manglore

Exhibition ground of Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, Bangalore

Monsoon clouds over Hazar Rama temple, Hampi, Karnataka. Hazar - a thousand, stories from Ramayana have been sculptured on the walls of this temple.
Rain clouds gather over Tungbhadra Dam reservoir in Karnataka. The more it rains the better it is! 

Farmer on duty despite drizzle. Near Badami Caves, Bagalkot distt in Karnataka.
Rainy clouds over Shravanabelagola

Touching the Monsoon clouds is 57 ft tall statue of Lord Bahubali, in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka

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