Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Visit to Tungbhadra Dam, Karnataka

Tungbhadra dam is located near Hospet in Karnataka. It has been erected across river Tungbhadra as multi-purpose project. The dam was completed in 1953 under the supervision of Chief Engineer Dr Iyengar. Dam is approx 325 km from Bangalore via NH 4 & NH 13. 

The river Tungabhadra is made up of two rivers namely Tunga & Bhadra which originate in Western Ghats referred to as Varah Parvatha in ancient texts. They independently travel distances of 150 km & 170 km respectively & merge at Kudali. After this confluence Tungbhadra travels a further distance of over 500 km before merging into river Krishna at Gondimalla in Andhra.

There is a beautiful park, musical fountains & a deer park. Nice spot for family outing.

Some photos.

The Tungbhadra Dam looks picturesque from a distance

Another view of the Dam

Beautiful garden at the top

Bust of the CEO Of the project Dr Iyengar

Have a break

View from the road NH 13 to Hampi

View from the road NH 13 to Hampi. 

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